Thursday, 28 March 2013



PT South River Hill is managed by Indonesian and was incorporated in June 2008. We involved actively in mineral mining, supplier, trading and export/import activities by partnering and executing joint contract with our strategic business alliances and coal mine owners.

The company presently has the opportunity to undertake the supply of Steam Coal, Iron Ore, Galena and Zircon Sand locally as well as internationally. PT South River Hill offers a wide range of products, grades and services.

PT South River Hill main aim is to supply a super quality product of coal which delivered from enhancing professionalism and environment soundness. 
The Company's operations are managed by experienced and focused senior management team which enable the company to assume responsibility for a wide range of projects.  Supported by our experienced personnel in the mining and marketing area, we believe we can enhance our product and services to meet the standard of our customer.

Our approach to business, which makes us a unique "one-stop" agency, encompasses the following activities:-

       Mining & production Services
       Logistics Services
       Marketing and Trading Services
Import and Export Services

Integrity and high standards are the cornerstones of PT South River Hill as its priority is to provide customers and clients with products and services that meet their evolving needs.
This enhances the concept of partnership and teamwork, which is the foundation of the Company's inherent dynamism and energy.

Let's take advantage of this natural wealth from God in giving the best, for the welfare of us all, by combining phases of the commercial and social aspects of each benefit is obtained, for the sake of business continuity and enterprise in long term.

 OUR  5  S
Ø  S – Services
Ø  S – Sincerity
Ø  S – Social Responsibilities
Ø  S – Success
Ø  S - Sustainability

Being amongst the leading and recognise supplier and trading company of Steam Coal and other minerals in the country

       Provide professional and good business ethical, efficiencies and effective working environment as well as safe and healthy workplace.
       Provide our clients with genuine quality products and valuable services solution.
       Continuously seeking ways to improve the quality of our products and services through continuous joint venture and partnering with potential suppliers and mine owners.
       Continue to work towards meeting the challenges that come with global economic progress by realising and supporting the governments programs and policies related to general mining and trading.
       Being sound in mining and trading which enable to contribute itself to the country in supporting the nation’s income

We offer, produce and supply quality mineral product which delivered from enhancing professionalism and environment soundness.
One Buyer One Location Policy to avoid mixture and complication between specifications, each mining location is dedicated to each contract individually.